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TechSlayers' Red Team Suite (RTS) is the only all-inclusive, on-demand assessment and testing tool able to quickly find and identify the most current cybersecurity threats.

Red Team Suite Summary

Red Team Suite Benefits

Red Team Suite provides organization with the fundamental tools to test their network for internal and external threats. 

  • Test frequency on demand versus annual/quarterly/monthly

  • Speed in seconds/minutes/hours versus weeks/months

  • Test Scope complete coverage of internal and external network(s) versus dependent on skill set of individual(s) hired to complete manual test

  • Privacy given as results visible only to persons in the company with the key versus confidential data and company blueprint shared with individual(s) hired to complete manual test

  • Relevant playbooks as Red Team Suite updated daily with latest CVE and vulnerabilities versus dependent on skill set and playbook version of individual(s) hired to complete manual test


Without the fundamental tools you need to validate your security risk effectiveness and protect your business assets daily, it's going to cost you. Your business won't meet required regulations. You'll keep feeling like you are "not doing enough".  Your customers will lose trust in your business. You'll purchase multiple single-feature products. You'll keep guessing how an adversary will attack you. You'll spend more per employee on compliance and security risk than competitors.

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