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Consulting Services

Vulnerability Assessment with Report & Consultation

With our partner, Capital RT Testing, we will perform network vulnerability assessment testing using the Red Team Suite tool and provide you with an executive report on the findings, the raw data, and a proposal for remediation options and subscription services.

Remediation Project Management

Upon receipt of your test we can provide project management services and lead your IT team through the successful remediation of your report findings ensuring higher priority items are completed first, status reports are provided, and tasks are performed on time with full accountability and transparency.

Remediation and Project Management Services

Is your IT Team already saturated with work? Then we can perform the remediation services ourselves and provide you with the same Remediation Project Managment services listed above.

Vulnerability Assessment and Reporting Subscription

Leave the testing to us.  With a secure account we can perform scheduled or unscheduled vulnerability assessment tests on your network and systems and provide you with the finding reports and our recommendations.

Let's Work Together

You may choose one or all or some combination of the above services we offer.

There is no one-fits-all solution and we are here to work with you and your unique business needs.

We will appreciate and respect your situation, budget, resources, and culture.

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